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Internal Relations Committee

Internal Relations Committee Meeting May 19, 2009

Attendance:   Michael Pawlowski (Acting Chair), Fred Gilbert (President),  Ain Raitsakas (Technicians/Technologists), Gail Everall (COPE), Colin Bruce (Chair, Operations Committee), Phyllis Bosnick (Schedule I & II), Grant Walsh (University Services)
Regrets:   Ray Raslack (Chair), Kevin Cleghorn (Chair, Board of Governors), Will Dechert (CUPE), Laurie Hayes (VP Academic), Heather Spivak (CAW), Larry Kempe (IUOE), David Grad (LUSU President), Joey Farrell (LUFA)
Recorder:   Mark Plata

1. Approval of the Agenda
 Moved by Gail Everall, Seconded by Phyllis Bosnick   Carried
2. Approval of the Minutes of the previous meeting of April 21st, 2009 with the following revisions:
In 6.1 change ‘be’ to ‘been’ and ‘into’ to ‘in’
 Moved by Grant Walsh, Seconded by Ain Raitsakas   Carried
3. Business Arising from the Minutes
3.1  A committee member asked the committee if all feedback regarding the Active Shooter Protocol had been submitted to the Director of Risk Management.  A few members indicated that they had not yet submitted their feedback.
 3.2  A committee member asked another committee member on an update regarding parking lot improvements.  The committee member responded that some sections will be re-paved, have lines re-painted and parking lot names further distinguished by the use of numbers (ie. G1, G2, G3 and R1, R2, R3).  The member also indicated that parking rates will not change for the upcoming academic year, however fines will increase to $25 from $15 with the quick pay option increased to $18 from $9.
 3.3  A committee member asked when the campus road near the School of Nursing building will be extended to other parts of the campus. A committee member responded that there is no intention of extending the road as it would result in undesirable pedestrian/automobile intersections.
4. Questions for Dr. Gilbert
 No questions were asked of Dr. Gilbert.

5. Round Table Discussion
 5.1  An IRC member asked about the process of approving a budget.  A second committee member responded with a summary of the process.
6. Other Business
 6.1  A committee member asked another committee member if the hand washing signs in the Agora would be removed in time for convocation.  The member confirmed that appropriate signage will be displayed during convocation.
7. Motion to Adjourn
Moved by Gail Everall, Seconded by Phyllis Bosnick     Carried
 Next meeting scheduled for June 16th, 2009.


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